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Inês Amaral. Coimbra, Portugal | email: ines.amaral at uc dot pt | + info [Ciência Vitae], [ResearchGate], [ORCID], [Scopus Author ID], [ResearchID]

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra, where she serves as a department deputy director of the Department of Philosophy, Communication, and Information and as coordinator of the Communication Section. Researcher at the Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra. Associate researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre of the University of Minho.

Research interests: sociability in digital social networks | participation and social media | gender and media | media and digital literacy | technologies and active ageing | audiences and media consumption in the digital age.

PhD in Communication Sciences – Interactive Media (UMinho).

Current Projects: PI of the project MyGender – Mediated young adults practices: advancing gender justice in and across mobile apps (PTDC/COM-CSS/5947/2020) and Co-PI of the project MediaTrust.Lab – Local Media Lab for Civic Trust and Literacy (PTDC/COM-JOR/3866/2020). Team member of the funded projects Youth, News and Digital Citizenship (PTDC/COM-OUT/0243/2021), UnCoveR – Sexual Violence in Portuguese Mediascape (2022.03964.PTDC) and Equal.STEAM (POCH). Inês was also a member of the projects Gender in Hate Pandemics: Social Media, Covid 19 and Women Journalists (FCT ID 758936851); VIOxMulheres19 (FCT Proj. n.058 Gender Research4Covid-19 – PI from July 2021 to July 2022); DeCoDe/M (PTDC/COM-CSS/31740/2017); SMaRT-EU (LC-01563446); Oportunidades y Retos del Periodismo en los Entornos Abiertos: Estudio de las Voces de la Sociedad en Torno a los Medios Tradicionales y los Sitios Participativos de Nueva Generación (Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad); MIA (LC-00644630); CEDAR (AH/M008681/1); and EMEDUS – European Study on Media Literacy Education Study, among others.

Member of SOPCOM, IAMCR, ECREA. Member of ObCiber, MILOBS and NIP-C@M. Member of the COST Actions CCA18230 – Interactive Narrative Design for Complexity Representations, CA17135 Constitution-making and deliberative democracy, and CA21107 – Work inequalities in later life redefined by digitalization.


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